I graduated in Information Systems (M.Sc.) with a major in Data Science at the Business School of Westfälische Wilhelms University Münster, Department Information Systems and Statistics. The field of research in my master thesis was information flow patterns in internet applications. At the CSUF, California I studied and researched in the field of Organizational Behavior.
I am part of the team at MatchManao


Why are you here?

Currently, my main focus is on our project MatchManao. I am pleased to support my team in the role of a CTO and chief scientist. If you want to participate or support us in any other way, feel free to get in contact with me.

I am crazy about #tech #sports #music and #humanStories – In my research, I focus on the application of data science in the fields of social network analysis, psychometrics as well as search and recommendation systems. All these research areas benefit from my B.Sc and M.Sc studies in E-Commerce, Data Mining, Data Integration, Network Analysis, Natrual Language Processing and Data Science.

I am highly interested in those topics and always thrilled to learn more as the invest in knowledge pays the best interest. During my bachelor studies I already specialised in the field of E-Commerce applications and strategies and graduated with a thesis on Data Quality in Search Engine Optimization Tools. During my bachelor studies I started as a staffer at Website Boosting Magazine. As a Website Boosting Scientist at the TMS Institut in Nuremberg I was able to extend my knowledge. Hence, my international working experience as an E-Commerce consultant with a focus on business growth strategies is based on companies in whole Europe, the United States, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. This world wide experience got extended by my master studies in Information Systems at WWU Münster, Germany with a focus on data science and at CSU Fresno, USA with a deep focus on organizational behavior and psychometrics.

Of course I love to get my hands on new sustainable projects, but luckily I'm not available. I love to rock for MatchManao. Though, if you would appreciate it, I can forward your project to my network or you should try the smart intelligence at MatchManao.

Thank you, Terima Kasih, Mahalo and Cheers, Urs ツ

Client Statement

"In his role as Freelance SEO and Online Marketing Consultant Urs Merkel has advised us on a number of critical digital strategy / business 3.0 decisions. He is specifically characterized by his excellent SEO and online marketing knowledge. During our cooperation I experienced him as a highly competent colleague. I value his opinions and often seek his advise. In my opinion Urs Merkel would be an asset to any eCommerce team." Georg Bauer

Matter of my ❤️ projects

2016 - today


At MatchManao, we believe in a more human business world, why we challenge the way partnerships in business are formed. We find perfectly fitting project teams based on personality features, value levels, work style, role allocation and hard skill factors. Though, we form business cooperations originating in humanity, saving your valuable time, money and human capital. We believe this is the way work life should work! Wanna give MatchManao a try? Reach out to me.

Founder/ CTO and chief scientist • Developing an algorithm for psychometrical and skill matching • product and business development • digital marketing

2015 - 2018


KLARHEIT is one of my favourite projects. Its about creating and bracing your focus on precious things that matter to you in your daily routine and long term life. Hence, it teaches you gratefulness to support your inner peace. With KLARHEIT Life-Coach, JOURNAL and KLARHEIT Workshops the team created a whole toolkit. KLARHEIT helps you to find your purpose in this limited amount of time we call life. Thankfully Sandro and Dania made me starting my purpose journey. Still going.

E-Commerce Strategy Guy • Supporting the development of a holistic e-commerce business and marketing strategy for Europe • supervision and execution

Blink of Projects

2015 - 2018

titus GmbH

One of the largest retailer and online shop in the European skateboard industry. With 36 brick and mortar and seven online shops for several countries. This international project is challenging and total fun.

It requires up to date knowledge, good long term decisions and a static shift and adaptation to new industry requirements. Working with the E-Commerce team at titus is fun.

2014 - 2016


Developing and supervising a holistic digital marketing strategy in an international team from Indonesia, India, Europe and US at the headquaters in Bali.

Our focus was to support several products of the Karma Group as well as develope and maintain the karmagroup.com website and all location websites. The whole project included more than 12 websites.

2014 - 2015


Performance Marketing • conceptualization and execution of content marketing strategies

2011 - 2013

OTTO GmbH & Co. KG

Performance Marketing • supervising content marketing and linkbuilding and maintaining onpage search engine optimisaton

2012 - 2012

ProSieben Sat.1 Media

Student project in the field of Search Engine Analysis of the website sat1.de

2012 - 2012

Witt Weiden

Student project in the field of data feed optimization for product listing ads

2015 - today


Work in a voluntary capacity • consulting on digital marketing strategies

2012 - 2016


Work in a voluntary capacity • developing an affiliate platform to support SkateAid e.V.